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YBeta Creations

Colorful cat scrub cap, women’s scrub caps

Colorful cat scrub cap, women’s scrub caps

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Choose your style whether it’s ponytail that fits medium to long hair, small bouffant that fit short to medium hair, medium bouffant that fits medium to long hair and euro that fits short to medium hair length. 

Two Surgeon style caps: The unisex which fits men and women and sits on the ear. We also have the fitted cap that sits above the ear and doesn’t require for the brim to be folded. 

Bouffants come with adjustable toggle or with tie backs. Ponytail comes with black red tie backs. 
Euro has an adjustable toggle. 
Fitted cap comes with black or same fabric trim.

Please allow 2-4 days to ship out.  We ask that you take time into consideration, anything ordered after 3pm will be mailed the next business day. 

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